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Tired of Scams? Here are the best recurring affiliate programs I found in 8 years of being an internet marketer. Start making money on the internet today.

 You do not need to search for opportunities that works. I have already done a research so you can start working from home immediately.

 How much can I earn with these opportunities?

 Affiliate marketing is considered the easiest and safe way to start a home business. These are not get-rich-quick schemes so you need some work and consistency to succeed but unlike most fly-by-night hyped opportunities that have flooded the internet, with these programs you can be sure that your efforts will be generously rewarded and you will be able to build solid recurring affiliate earnings and forget your financial worries once and for ever. Here are the best free affiliate programs for bloggers and internet marketers who would like to earn an extra income working from home.



                                     HitLeap Partner Program

HitLeap Autosurf has been around for over 6 years. This is the best affiliate program with which I started to earn a substantial income. The program pays up to 50% commissions. You can sign up absolutely free and also add 3 sites to promote in their auto surf. There is an optional upgrade to enable more benefits and this upgrade converts very well. About 10% of members go premium and if your referral decides to upgrade, you get commissions. This program is very popular with internet users and the website has a significant 6194 Alexa rating, so finding referrals is very easy.

 They pay commissions via Paypal or Bitcoin. The minimum payout through Paypal is $5. You can reach this requirement easily even in one sale. I have worked for them for over 2 years and I never missed a payment. I have totally earned 5320.50 Euros with this program (See the snapshot of my account below)


The commissions I got from HitLeap affiliate program


  Also HitLeap is a good source of autopilot traffic which can drive thousands of hits to your website, page or Youtube video.  So I highly recommend you to join their partner program and start earning some nice amounts of commissions working online (you need not to have a website to earn with this program).

               Join HitLeap To Earn Fast Website Traffic and Money




      BeeHits.com 1:1 Traffic Exchange - Get 100 Bonus Credits

BeeHits traffic exchange is a great place to promote all your websites and affiliate pages. Driving visitors to your site at BeeHits traffic exchange is fast, simple and FREE.  Even as a free member you can add up to 100 websites to promote in the surfing exchange. 1:1 surfing ratio and 5 second timer allows you to earn credits faster than on 99% of other traffic exchanges!
You can also add your banners and text ads to boost your advertising.

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       LostEmpireHerbs Affiliate - LIFETIME Income 100% FREE
  Join a Very Serious, Responsible company which will provide you with all the tools necessary for your success!
Just promote your affiliate page and earn a whopping 30% Lifetime Income on EVERY purchase of your referrals!
All Countries accepted! They pay through Paypal or Check

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SHILAJIT - #1 Rated Super Man Herb

Shilajit is #1 rated herb in Ayurvedic Medicine-
It is called the Destroyer of Weakness and Conqueror of Mountains!
Highly regarded as the most powerful anti-aging substance known to the people of India.

Enhances Mood and Quality of Life
Helps to Increase Strength and Endurance
Supports Sexual Function and Potency
Regulates Blood Sugar
Supports Metabolism and Mitochondria
Mitigates effects of Fatigue by Increasing ATP
Improves Ability to Handle High Altitude Stresses
Normalizes Hormonal Activity
Ovogenic (Helpful in ovulation)
Helps Lower Cholesterol and Triglycerides
High in Bioavailable Calcium
Corrects Protein Synthesis
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BUILD Your STRENGTH and Energy

Build Your Strength, Energy and Manliness
with the secret of Morning Wood. Click Here

SCHISANDRA - All-in-One Natural Tonic Click Here

Pre-Workout Formula - Stimulate Your Strength and Power Click Here

PINE POLLEN - Elixir Of Health

Pine Pollen is good for all, female, male, child, adolescent,
bodybuilder, or the aged.

The effect of Pine Pollen depends on the form in which it is taken.
Men should take Pine Pollen in tincture if their goal is to improve potency.
For other purposes it should be taken in powder.

It provides:
Hormonal Support
Strengthens the Immune System (Prevents Colds)
Balances Androgenic and Estrogenic Hormones
Great for Men`s Health
Supports and Detoxifies the Liver
Great Brain Food
Great for the Skin and Hair
Protects the Cardiovascular System
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TONGKAT ALI - The MOST Effective Men`s Herb

 Tongkat Ali - The Most Effective Men`s Herb on the Planet?
- Restores Testosterone Level
- Enhances Mood and Quality of Life
- Enhances Strength and Muscle
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 Good Health!





                                      Make Money on Autopilot 100% Free

Earn money and traffic online AUTOMATICALLY and for FREE with Alexasurfing.  Here you can earn just by autosurfing: you need not to click on conformation images to surf as you do at manual traffic exchanges. Just leave your computer on with the browser loading websites automatically!  You can also earn by referring your friends. You earn 100% on your autosurfing and 88% on your downline autosurfing on 5 Levels Deep - 50%, 20%, 10% 5%, 3%. They also pay for Facebook likes and watching short Youtube videos (10 - 60 seconds). With this simple program you could earn $100 -$500 or even more every month.  No cost at all: Just Effortless Money and Traffic to your website (you need not to have a website to earn with this program).

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                                    Wealthy Affiliate University


 Wealthy affiliate is not like the usual products that you find hanging out on the internet. It is actually a shared community of those people who prefer to earn money online working from the comfort of their homes. This great program provides opportunity not only to those people who are experts in the marketing industry but also to those new marketers who are new to this game.

 Wealthy Affiliate University is about marketing in reality but it does not fail to train and educate people in several areas. This program does a great job in teaching the marketers about finding a niche market. Moreover, it also teaches people about using keywords. Perhaps the best thing about Wealthy University is that they also allows the users to create a blog or a website that too for free.

People who get the opportunity to work online and earn money always have two doubts. The first is regarding reliability and WA passes in this area with flying colors. The second thing is whether they would succeed or not. WA opportunity is quite suitable for newbies since it has a whole community that is there to help and guide you during the entire process. If you think that you cannot work on your own you can always ask for help from the brilliant minds that are in the community of WA university and they will be more than happy to help you out.

 Wealthy Associate works in a very simple manner and you can get started with it in no time. The first thing that you must do in order to start your online career is to find an area of interest. This should be something that you are really enjoy doing because this will be motivating you to work over it. The second step is to build a website that Wealthy Associate provides for free. You can be creative and give your website a unique design to attract more people who share the same interests. If you follow the step-by-step instructions given in the tutorials,  the traffic will starts flowing in on your website and you will be able to promote third party products that will earn revenue for you.

  I hope this review has proved that you do not have to be very experienced to earn money online. You just have to find the right opportunity and be a little creative.

 Wealthy Affiliate has a unique and extremely rewarding partner program in which you receive up to 50% of the sales produced by your referrals. The conversion rate is 8:1   1 of 8 members buys an upgrade.  You are paid recurring monthly commissions via Paypal as long as the member stays upgraded.  So whatever your goal is  - to learn internet marketing or to make money with affiliate programs, I highly recommend you to join this program

                                                Join the Wealthy Affiliate University



Moneynet.Adpost Classifieds Free Affiliate Program - Post Your Ads at a Site with over 2,000,000 Page Views per Month

   Moneynet.adpost is another partner program. This is one of the most high-traffic classified ads site with more that 2,000,000 page views a month. You can place you ad at the site following the link below. This program pays 25% commissions. You also receive 50% of your banner displays and if you have a website, you can place your link on your referral website. The commissions are tracked and paid by Clickbank, so in order to take part in this program, you need a Clickbank.com account. The payments are made via check and sent to your home address. As Click Bank is one of the most stable and reliable online merchants, you can be sure that your efforts will be rewarded on time.


In this affiliate programs review I described the most profitable and stable opportunities that I discovered. I hope this affiliate program directory will help you finally to start earning extra income working from the comfort of your home







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